This firearm was claimed to have been carried by security detail in South America in the late 1980's. Olive drab camo paint stripes, applied freehand, has mostly worn off. © Aftermath Gun Club

AAA SAP Bolt Assembly Comparison
Comparison of the Leader with the AAA bolt assembly, showing buffer, and some similarities of the SCAR and AR-180 parent design. © Aftermath Gun Club

AAA SAP Brochure
Shown with Orlite magazine. © Australian Automatic Arms

AAA SAP Prototype SN.100000
This prototype is believed to be the only SAP manufactured with a multi-lug AR15 type bolt.© RARCO Engineering

AAA SAP Prototype SN.100000 (with stock)
SAP with AR15 bolt and folding stock.© RARCO Engineering

T2 Series US Patent 4,358,986
This patent shows the receiver and bolt drawings, as well as the trigger housing (lower receiver) and firing control group.