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Australia   AC

AC = Automatic Carbine © Australian Automatic Arms

The AAA - AC was a continuation of the Leader Dynamics T2 rifle series, after AAA purchased the rights and moved production to Tasmania. The most significant difference, from the T2 is the absence of the carrying handle.

The gun was offered with either a 20 or 30 round magazine.


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^ T2 Series US Patent 4,358,986
This patent shows the receiver and bolt drawings, as well as the trigger housing (lower receiver) and firing control group.

This model is a variant, more information is available on the Australian Automatic Arms - SAR page.

Assault Rifle
CQB Rifle
Select Fire
Out Of Production

5.56 NATO

Designer: Charles St George
Designed: 1978
Country of Manufacture: Australia
Importer: California Armory

Technical Specifications:
Barrel: Chrome lined, hammer forged 6 RH groves 1/9 (1/7 optional)
Barrel Length: 267 mm (10.51 in)
Overall Length: 755 mm (29.72 in)
Weight Unloaded: 3.1 kg (6.83 lb)
Function: Gas operation
Gas System: Short-stroke gas piston operation
Bolt Type: Rotating bolt, positively locked, triangular lugged
Return Type: Dual encapsulated action springs
Rate Of Fire: 750/900 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 855 m/s (2805 ft/s)
Feed System: STANAG
Factory Sights: Iron sights. Front: Protected post. Rear: Revolving aperture, windage adjustable
Sight Radius: 370 mm (14.57 in)
Scope Mount: Compatiable with 3/4 mounts

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