Reference Library & Firearm Manuals

Black Rifle II: The M16 Into the 21st Century by Bartocci, Christopher R. Deluxe First Edition 2004.
Blue Book of Gun Values Twenty-Ninth Edition 2008.
Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Firearms: Military and Civil Firearms from the Begining to the Present Day... An A-Z Directory of Makes and Makers from 1830 by Hogg, Ian V. First Edition 1978.
Gun Digest: Buyer's Guide to Tactical Rifles by Peterson, Phillip 2010.
Guns of the Elite Forces by Walther, John 2005 Revised Edition 1996.
Jane's Guns Recognition Guide: Pistols, Rifles and Machine Guns by Hogg, Ian V., et al First Edition 1996.
Jane's Infantry Weapons: 1988-89 Fourteenth Edition 1988.
Jane's Infantry Weapons: 1997-98 Twenty-third Edition 1997.
Military Small Arms of the 20th Century: A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Small Caliber Firearms by Hogg, Ian V., et al Fully Revised 6th Edition 1991.
Small Arms of the World: A Basic Manual of Small Arms by Ezell, Edward Clinton, et al 12th Revised Edition 1993.
The Complete AR-15/M-16 Sourcebook: What Every Shooter Needs To Know by Long, Duncan 1992.
The Encyclopedia of Handheld Weapons Borders Press Edition 2004.
The Illustrated Book of Guns: An Illustrated Directory of Over 1,000 Military, Sporting, and Antique Firearms 2004 Reprint 2000.
The Vital Guide to Combat Guns and Infantry Weapons: Personal and Support Weapons of the Modern Infantryman Reprinted 1999 1996.
The World's Assault Rifles by Johnston, Gary Paul & Nelson, Thomas B. First Printing 2010.

Deutsches Waffen Journal. 2011-10.
Firepower: The Magazine of Exotic Weaponry. 1984-07.
Gun Buyer's Annual: The AK47 & Soviet Weapons. #134. 2013-05.
Recoil. Issue 01 Premier Issue. 2012.
Recoil. Issue 02 Spring. 2012.
Recoil. Issue 03. 2012.
Recoil. Issue 04. 2012.
Recoil. Issue 05. 2012.
Recoil. Issue 06. 2013.
Recoil. Issue 07. 2013-06.
Recoil: Shooting Guide. Winter 2013. 2013.
Small Arms Review. Vol II No 3. 2007-12.
Standard Catalog of Military Firearms: The Collector's Guide and Reference Guide. 4th Edition. 2007.

Company Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers, & Advertisements
Australian Automatic Arms AR/SAR, AC/SAR, & MP/SAP: Catalog. Undated.
Australian Automatic Arms Plant Sale: 9mm - 5.56. Undated
Australian Automatic Arms Sporting Rifles: SP & SP20. Undated
B&T AG B&T MP9: Fact Sheet. BT-30104
B&T AG B&T TP380: Fact Sheet. 2015-02
Brügger & Thomet B&T APC223: A .223 Carbine Especially Designed for Law Enforcement. 2012
Brügger & Thomet B&T APC45: Fact Sheet
Brügger & Thomet B&T APC9: Technical Specifications. TS-29513
Brügger & Thomet B&T APC9 - Suomi: A 9mm Carbine Designed for the Finnish Sport Shooter
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Military Products. 2008.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Military and Law Enforcement. 2010.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Commercial Products. 2010.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Military and Law Enforcement. 2011.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Commercial Products. 2011.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: Commercial Products. 2012.
FNH USA FNH USA Product Catalog: 1889-2014. 125th Anniversary. 2014.

Manuals & Parts Lists
Australian Automatic Arms SAR .223 (5.56mm) Sporting Rifle Manual: Also Applicable to Models SAC & SAP.
Brügger & Thomet APC9: Maintenance Manual. SM-29513.
Brügger & Thomet APC9: Operator Manual. TM-29513-1.00.
Brügger & Thomet Bignami APC9: Manuale di Istruzioni. Italian.
Brugger & Thomet B&T MP9 / TP9: Technical Specifications. TS-MP9.01.
Brugger & Thomet B&T TP9-US: Operator's Manual. SM-95202.
Brugger & Thomet B&T TP9-US: Operator's Manual. TM-95207.
Leader Dynamics Leader Mk 5 Parts List.
Leader Dynamics Leader Mk 5 Sporting Rifle Handbook. undated.
Steyr SPP: Operator's Manual. US Desc. 330749. 1993-02.
Steyr Taktische Maschinenpistole: TMP Kaliber 9 mm Para. German. 1994-03.
Steyr-Diamler-Puch AG Arms Division Steyr-Submachine Gun: Operating Instructions. HD 5353 16.000 2-81.

Aftermath Gun Club B&T - TP9 Field Strip (Video)
Aftermath Gun Club Holloway Arms Company - Model 7 Field Strip (Video)
Forgotten Weapons Leader Dynamics T2 Mk V Rifle (Video)

Giorgio, Charles United States Patent 4,358,986: Rifle Bolt Assemblies. 1982-11-16
Holloway, Robert C. United States Patent 4,579,034: Bolt assembly and cartridge feed mechanism for automatic firearm. 1986-04-01

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