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MP = Machine Pistol © Australian Automatic Arms


Giorgio, Charles (1982-11-16). United States Patent 4,358,986: Rifle Bolt Assemblies. | Download

Australian Automatic Arms. AR/SAR, AC/SAR, & MP/SAP: Catalog (Undated). | Download

Johnston, Gary Paul & Nelson, Thomas B. (2010). The World's Assault Rifles (First Printing). Ironside International Publishers, Inc., P.54-56. | ISBN 9780935554007 | Amazon

^ T2 Series US Patent 4,358,986
This patent shows the receiver and bolt drawings, as well as the trigger housing (lower receiver) and firing control group.

This model is a variant, more information is available on the Australian Automatic Arms - SAR page.

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Two-Handed Pistol
Out Of Production

5.56 NATO

Designer: Charles St George
Designed: 1978
Country of Manufacture: Australia
Importer: California Armory

Technical Specifications:
Barrel: Chrome lined 6 RH groves 1/9 (1/7 optional), hammer forged
Barrel Length: 267 mm (10.51 in)
Overall Length: 520 mm (20.47 in)
Function: Automated gas operation
Gas System: Short-stroke gas piston operation
Bolt Type: Rotating bolt, positively locked, triangular lugged
Return Type: Dual guide rods with captive springs
Rate Of Fire: 650/900 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 975 m/s (3199 ft/s)
Feed System: STANAG
Factory Sights: Iron sights. Front: Protected post. Rear: Revolving aperture, windage adjustable
Sight Radius: 370 mm (14.57 in)
Scope Mount: Compatiable with 3/4 mounts

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