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Australia   SP20

SP20 = Sporting Purpose 20" Bbl © RARCO Engineering

Imported from late 1991 to 1993, the Sporting Purpose model was the same as the SAR with mostly cosmetic changes. While listed as available in 16.25" barrels, it is likely all USA imports were the longer 508 mm (20") barrel option, sold as the SP20. The SP came with sporting-style wood furniture where the pistol grip was absent. The rifle shipped with either a five or 20 round magazine. The last listed MSRP was $879.


Australian Automatic Arms. Sporting Rifles: SP & SP20 (Undated). | Download

^ AAA SP20 Prototype
This prototype is believed to be the only SP manufactured with a multi-lug AR15 type bolt.© RARCO Engineering

This model is a variant, more information is available on the Australian Automatic Arms - SAR page.

Semi-Auto Rifle
Out Of Production

5.56 NATO

Country of Manufacture: Australia

Technical Specifications:
Barrel: 1:9 twist
Barrel Length: 508 mm (20 in)
Overall Length: 1045 mm (41.14 in)
Function: Automated gas operation
Gas System: Short-stroke gas piston operation
Bolt Type: Rotating bolt, positively locked, triangular lugged
Return Type: Dual guide rods with captive springs
Muzzle Velocity: 975 m/s (3199 ft/s)
Feed System: STANAG
Factory Sights: Front: Protected post. Rear: Revolving aperture, windage adjustable
Sight Radius: 420 mm (16.54 in)
Scope Mount: Compatiable with 3/4 mounts

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