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Holloway Arms - HAC-7 (.308 Win)
The HAC Model 7 came with a 20 in barrel. (shown on this page)

Holloway Arms - HAC-7 Carbine (.308 Win)
The Model 7 Carbine came with a 16 in barrel.

Holloway Arms - HAC-7 Match (.308 Win)
The Model 7 Match included sight-blocks, a 24 in barrel, and an adjustable trigger.

Holloway Arms - HAC-7 Sniper (.308 Win)
The Model 7 Sniper was designed for use with a scope only, it shipped with a 24 in barrel, an adjustable trigger, sight-blocks, and scope rings on request.

Serial Range
The bulk of this list has been moved offsite to as a registry.

00001 on: This is the default serial range of the production rifles, both left and right-hand models.
00001 through 00007: These seven receivers were reported (on an online forum) as having been stolen from the factory.
F0001: Unknown details.
A0001 through A0012: These twelve rifles were slated to be made select-fire but were made semi-auto (with appropriate ATF paperwork) and sold commercially.
CCCVIII-01: RH, the only Match model (HAC-7M) made, though unofficially, this was assembled by a gunsmith at the company for himself.
CM002: Believed to be a special serial for someone with initials C.M. whom was an investor in the company. The fate of CM001 is unknown.
SNIPE-01: The only Sniper model (HAC-7S) made.
TEST1 on: The serial numbers of the testing and development of the rifle.


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^ HAC7 #011
With scope bases installed.© Amoskeag Auction Co

^ HAC7 #229
Standard rifle model with belt buckle.

^ HAC7 Dealer Mat
A few lucky HAC7 owners have one of these dealer counter-top mats. © ESK

^ Holloway Arms Logo
Digitized copy of the original logo by Melanie Conran for 2014.

Semi-Auto Rifle
Battle Rifle
Out Of Production

.308 Win

Designer: Bob Holloway
Designed: 1983
Country: USA


Technical Specifications:
Barrel Length: 508 mm (20 in)
Overall Length: 1092.2 mm (43 in)
Length Folded: 838.2 mm (33 in)
Weight Unloaded: 3.96 kg (8.73 lb)
Feed System: Proprietary; shipped with two 20rnd original ArmaLite AR10 magazines, which required modification to function.
Factory Sights: Adjustable Front and Rear Sight
Scope Mount: Drilled and tapped for Weaver scope-base #43.

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