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USA   HAC-7 Carbine

The carbine version of the Holloway Model 7 came with a 16 inch barrel, dropping some weight, but was otherwise the same.


Aftermath Gun Club (2014-07). Holloway Arms Company - Model 7: Field Strip. YouTube. | Website

^ Field Strip
Photographed steps of the field strip. © ESK

^ Holloway Arms #086

This model is a variant, more information is available on the Holloway Arms - HAC-7 page.

Semi-Auto Rifle
Battle Rifle
Out Of Production

.308 Win

Designer: Bob Holloway
Designed: 1984
Country: USA

Technical Specifications:
Barrel Length: 406.4 mm (16 in)
Overall Length: 990.6 mm (39 in)
Length Folded: 736.6 mm (29 in)
Weight Unloaded: 3.81 kg (8.4 lb)

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