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Austria   TMP

Released in 1992 as Steyr's first truly compact SMG, by 1993 it had replaced the MPi69/81 as the only dedicated SMG they produced. This machine pistol heavily borrowed from the polymer ideas of the earlier MPi69 and AUG SMG.

With a swept-forward broom-handle shaped forward grip, the TMP utilizes a strong polymer frame without steel inserts to guide the bolt. The charging-handle is similar in concept to that of the AR15. Like the AUG, the safety is a cross-bolt type; safe, semi, and full, from left to right.

The firearm has a heavy trigger, and though a fixed stock was capable of being attached, the firearm seemed antiquated without it.

Some models had experimental sliding stocks and more common fixed stocks were available. Before the firearm was discontinued by Steyr, they had begun working on modular prototypes which were capable of quickly changing calibers.

The semi-auto version was sold as the SPP.

Steyr - SPP (9x19mm)
Semi-auto civilian pistol variant of the TMP machine pistol.

Steyr - TMP Carbine (9x19mm)

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Machine Pistol
Two-Handed Pistol
Out Of Production


Country of Manufacture: Austria

Technical Specifications:
Barrel Length: 130 mm (5.12 in)
Overall Length: 282 mm (11.1 in)
Weight Unloaded: 1.3 kg (2.87 lb)
Rate Of Fire: 900 rpm

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