9x19mm Parabellum

Metric: 9x19 mm
Standard: 0.354 x 0.754 in
Designer: Georg Luger
Year: 1901

Info: Introduced into production by G. Luger in 1902.

     Belgium: FN 1970

FN, FMJ RN, headstamp "FN 70 ".
NATO 9mm headstamp marked FN 70. (© Aftermath Gun Club)

     Italy: Fiocchi 1948 M38

Fiocchi, FMJ, Nickel-alloy jacket, Brass casing , Boxer primed, headstamp "GFL9M38 1948".
"50 - Cartucci Cal. 9mm. - 50, Per Moschetto Autom. Beretta M 38, Sciolte, S.p.A Giulio Fiocchi - Lecco". GFL = Giulio Fiocchi, Lecco (Italy). The ammo has a deep serrated crimp. The M38 was the standard round used in Italian 9x19mm SMG's. (© Aftermath Gun Club)

     USA: Get Some Reloads by High Country Ammunition

High Country Ammunition, 115 gr, FMJ RN, Brass, reload casing , Boxer primed.
9mm reloads by High Country Ammunition (St. George, UT, USA), distributed by Get Some Guns & Ammo (Murray, UT, USA). Purchased at the Orem, UT location of Get Some Guns & Ammo circa 2012.

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