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Austria   MPi81 Loop-Hole

A photo can be seen in Jane's Infantry Weapons: 1988-89 on page 71.

This model was designed to fire through a "loop hole" or armored vehicle port. The barrel is extended with a fitted locking collar for port-mounting. A special scope mount is also attached with an AUG optical sight.

Exact barrel length unknown.


Hogg, Ian V. (1988). Jane's Infantry Weapons: 1988-89 (Fourteenth Edition). Jane's Information Group, P.71. | ISBN 0-7106-0857-8

This model is a variant, more information is available on the Steyr - MPi69 page.

Select Fire
Port Firing Weapon
Out Of Production


Country: Austria

Technical Specifications:
Rate Of Fire: 700 rpm
Feed System: MPi69

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