7.62x39 Russian

Metric: 7.62 x 39 mm
Year: 1943

Info: Also known as the '7.62x39 Russian Short' but properly called '7.62mm Standard M1943 USSR'.

     East German: 1987 M43 Blanks

Spreewerke, Blank, headstamp "05 87".
The "05" headstamp belongs to Spreewerke, Lübben, East Germany. The packaging is marked, "10 Stück M43 Platz-P -1-". These are practice blanks and likely won't launch a practice grenade very far. Primers are corrosive. (© Aftermath Gun Club)

     Yugoslavia: 1980 M67

Igman Zavod, FMJ, non-magnetic, Brass casing , headstamp "ИK 1980" lot ИК-8010-20 МБЛ-79140.
Box print, "15 КОМАДА, 7.62мм МЕТАК СА ОБИЧНИМ ЗРНОМ М67, И МЕСИНГАНОМ ЧАУРОМ У ОКВИРИМА, НЦ-08, ИК-8010-20 МБЛ-79140". Igman Zavod, Konjic, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina). (© Aftermath Gun Club)


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